Celebrating Bubble Gum Day

Fun, Fiction, Facts and Fundraising

Bubble Gum Day is the First Friday in February... 2-1-19

Everyone may celebrate Bubble Gum Day a little different, but the event was started by Ruth Spiro author of Lester Fuzz Bubble Gum Artist in 2006. She thought it would be fun to let kids chew gum at school to raise money. Many schools and libraries celebrate the event to generate funds for a special cause. The link above will tell you more about the history of the celebration and has a few resources to share.
The Gum Chewing Rattler by Joe Hayes

Activity Guides for Bubble Gum

~Gum Day Activities
Great list of activities for having a gum day at your school
~Bubble Gum Day Activity Guide
Bubble Gum activity ideas from Ruth Spiro

Lesson Ideas for Language Arts

~Bubble Gum Letters
This lesson has students write a persuasive letter convincing their parents that they should be able to chew gum.
~Bubble Gum Trivia Challenge
Use this site to learn more about Bubble Gum and test your knowledge.

Lesson Ideas for Science

~By Golly By Gum
Use this site to conduct an experiment to see how much sugar is in a regular stick of gum or bubble gum.
~Bubble Gum Science Fun
Use this site to have fun doing all kinds of experiments with bubble gum.
~How is Gum Made?

– this site is a very in depth science lesson on bubble gum that has children exam how gum is made and compare/contrast various brands.

~Sticky Business: Explore the Properties of Chewing Gum - this is a complete lesson from Scholastic


Lesson Ideas for Social Studies

~The History of Bubble Gum
Use this site to discuss the history or bubble gum and find out who invented it.
~A Brief History of Bubble Gum
This link will give you a nice timeline to easily follow the history of Bubble Gum
~History of Gum with Quiz
This article is from Scholastic shares fun facts and has a quiz about Bubble Gum

Art Ideas for Bubble Gum

~Bubble Gum Portraits
Acrylic self-portraits blowing gum bubbles!
~Thiebaud Gumball Machines
Printmaking and Wayne Thiebaud who was Pop Artist most famous for his paintings of desserts.
~My Bubble Gum Art
Students think about what would they make if they could blow a magnificent art bubble

Music and Math Lesson Ideas

~Musical Bubble Gum
A neat lesson on teaching quarter notes with bubble gum
~Bubble Gum Addition
~Bubble Gum Graphing

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