Come down to Saturn today!

AND IT'S ONLY $15,000! (Jackson Hockenberry)

Fun Facts!!!!

1) Saturn is the farthest planet that can be seen with the naked eye.

2) Saturn is the flattest planet, meaning that 90% of it is simply smooth.

3) It takes nearly 30 Earth Years for Saturn to orbit the Sun.

4) Saturn has a day of 10 hours 34 minutes, making it one of the shortest days for a planet.

5) Saturn is mostly made of hydrogen.

6) Saturn had 150+ moons and moonlets, making it the planet with the most bodies orbiting it. A lot of these can be found in its rings.

7) 4 spacecraft have visited Saturn. Voyager 1 and 2 are the well known spacecrafts that have discovered the secrets of this gas giant.

8) Saturn's rings stretch nearly 120,700 km from the closest point to the planet to the farthest.

9) Saturn's upper atmosphere contains clouds! They are made up of ammonia ice.

10) Saturn has a high temperature of -139 degrees CELSIUS. Brrrr...

11) Saturn was first recorded by the Assyrians in 8th century BC.

12) Saturn is 568.319 billion kg in mass. That is 95.16 times Earth's mass. But, it can still float in water! WHAAAAT?

13) Saturn is 9.58 AU's away from the Sun. That is 9.58 times the distance of Earth to the Sun!

What things can you do on Saturn + PRICING DEALS!

Our tours offer the cheapest and the best experience on the awesomest planet in the Universe! Here are some things you can do!
- Go "boating" on the gas surface

- Take a look at Saturn's auroras at the poles

- Eat luxurious foods

- Stay in our 5-star intergalactic resorts that float in the sky

- Take a look at the history of Saturn

- Discover how cold it really gets on Saturn by going into a simulation


We have safe buildings and suits for you to have to explore Saturn and its moons!

Our resorts have the best oxygen and water resources and are 110% safe GUARANTEED! If not, we will give you half of what you paid BACK!

We also have special pools and restaurants on Saturn! Help us out in colonizing Saturn!

It's amazing, and you will NOT FORGET the experience.

Pricing deals:

Holidays: Get 50% off tours!

Family Fun Pack: $60,000!

$15,000 for person (10 day tour)

You can go extra days, but you need to spend $1,500 per extra day.

We provide food and water, so don't bring any extra money. You can if you want to...

Can We Do The Same Tasks On Earth Here?

Not exactly. You can play baseball and swim, but you can't cook or drive cars. It's a gas giant after all, and it's limited to many things.

Still, there are many things you CAN'T do on Earth, such as floating through the rings of Saturn, walking on different moons, and looking up at an orange sky!

Saturn offers a lot of cool experiences that you will not find anywhere else.

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