Anne Frank

by Sam Schlachter


Anne Frank (right) was a writer, most known from her diary, and one of the most talked about jewish victim from the holocaust. her book the diary of a young girl, has been the basis of countless plays and is one of the most widely read book. She was born in Frankfurt, germany they lived in near amsterdam but since she lost she lost her citizenship and became stateless herr family moved to germany, in the early 1930s when the nazis took control. in 1942 the family went into hiding in hidded rooms behind a bookcase where her father worked. in 1944 the group was betrayed and they were transported to concentration camps. anne and her sister margot were transfered to bergon-belsen concentratio camp and died in february or march of 1945 just months before the camp was liberated. Her father is the onyl one of her family to survive, he later went on to publish her diary which he found when he returned to see one of the people who helped keep them safe, Miep Gies.

Role in WWII

Anne frank did not hae a direct corrolation or effect on WWII during the war. it was not until years later in 1947 when her book, A Diary of A Young Girl, (left) was published in the netherlands, and published in the united states in 1952 by her father otto, the only survivor of her family. it was originally rejected for being too boring. Now the book has sold tens of millions of copys and sold in over 70 languages and 60 countries. It is one of the most regularly used books in schools to talk about the holocaust, and is required in schools around the globe. it has been labeled as a testament to the indestructible nature of the human spirit.