Annual Reviews of Student Progress

Planning for the future

Review and Plan meeting

You are in the last part of your formal education. You need to be thinking about what you want your life to be when you leave school. Before we start we look at what you have accomplished already - and it is LOTS! This will help you make some of the future decisions.

To help with this planning

A questionnaire is being sent home. Please consider completing it so we can plan to improve any of the items on the list. I will also be sending home a copy of the learning plan in place and some suggestions about what I would like to include in this final plan.

We will be discussing course achievements, work placements, community and social skills at this meeting to get a picture of the whole student and planning to meet his/her needs.

Transition to Work Program and Community Participation Programs

You will have the opportunity to apply for funding for post school programs. These programs are available to students leaving school to help make their transition from school to the community easier. Funding is for a specific amount of time and if the application is successful you will have a choice about which service you would like. I have provided a link to the website for more information. There is a text-to-speech function on this link.