What Movies Can Really do!

What is a certain movie doing to your child?

The Big Debate!

Should parents let their children watch movies of a higher rating? This question is quite popular in the average parents mind. But overall, children repeat what they see! Also, the things on TV may cause kids to have nightmares. All of this is mainly because the children aren't emotionally ready! Children should not watch explicit things at a young age for those reasons!

Simon Says, "Don't repeat!"

First off, children repeat what they see or hear! Isn't it obvious that one of the only ways to get a baby to speak for the first time, is if they hear it first. You have to constantly say the word before the baby's mind can put the pieces together and repeat the given word. In fact, many movies are rated the way they are for a certain reason. The movie may contain inappropriate language, physical activity, and over exaggerated violence that can scar a child for a lifetime! But can we trust the rating system? The people who rate the movies you eat popcorn to in the theaters, remain anonymous! But not many families agree with the choices they make, and they sometimes let a P.G. 13 movie slide. It's weird to think that before November of 1968, the MPAA, (The Motion Picture Association of America) was not yet established and without knowing what content was in that movie- besides hearing from your peers- you could take your young child to see a movie with very explicit things in it. This can cause kids to do bad things at a young age; drugs, use of weapons, and maybe have attraction towards things they've never noticed before. So think about the harm you could bring to your child and others after allowing your child to watch a movie of a higher rating.

Time To Sleep!

Next, there are the things that haunt each child, Nightmares... Nightmares are the main cause of an extra child in your bed at night. Most causes of nightmares are excersizing before bed, eating a big amounts of sugar before sleeping, and watching something your not ready for! Not nescesarily a scary movie in general, just something that you, in your head, know your not ready for. It is proven: by scientists that study human behavior: that you remember nightmares more than dreams. Have you ever had a nightmare that you claim has scarred you for life? Because if so, when your parents allowed you, they either wanted to give you trouble or didn't know what they were getting themselves into. In reality, why would you want to potentially hurt or scar a child for years to come!

Inside the Brain of an Emotional Child!

Lastly, children may not be emotionally ready. They see things that they can't control, and break down not knowing what to do. Your kids may also do things they see without knowing what consequences could come about. But is this just because of the things they hear in public. No! Many children- including me- watch the news every morning. We learn things we wish we could have waited to learn, we hear things we wish we didn't, and we feel things we wish we could take back! Also, I've heard of a variety of kids that don't tell their parents when they're upset! Without your parents knowing, you could be pressured into watching things. But your parents will always allow you when you hope they don't, just to save you from major embarrassment!

Wait a Second!

Some say that kids need to learn things at a young age! This is very true- if they're learning the number to dial in case of an emergency! Children do need to learn things at a rather young age for the most part. They should learn how to use a phone in case of an emergency- stop, drop, and roll, and their address, including more! But, when it gets to a point where your child knows too much, it can hurt them emotionally and physically! There is no plus side to hurting your child, so why do it? Some say that not all kids are as emotional as others. It should not matter on the miturity of one child, because who they share it with may not be as emotionally stable! Plus, when they grow up, they will always remember that movie that they and their friends watched at their sleepover!

Have You Thought This Through?

Children underage should not watch P.G. 13 or R rated movies because, children repeat what they see, the movies can most likely cause nightmares, and children might not be emotionally ready to approach some things. So next time you have a family debate about this topic, please consider what you could do to a child.


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