The Sea of Trolls

Nancy Farmer


Jack appreciated his life on his father's farm with Lucy. He then gets selected to be the Bard's apprentice, and trains with him for a while. The Bard then gives Jack a rune, then later on a Nightmare Rider makes the Bard go insane, and after that Jack's village is raided seconds after he and Lucy were kidnapped by Thorgil. By being at sea with the Berserkers and Lucy, he figures out some things about them and some of the Northman language, plus in some rough weather, he calls down Bold Heart the crow. After going to a slave market, eventually the crew of vikings came to Gizer Thumb-Crusher's village to raid, after Olaf asked Jack to make a poem about him. Soon, fog came in and the shipmates couldn't see anything, then Jack called up a storm to make it go away, but ended up almost flooding the ship and destroying the cargo. A long while later, everyone arrives at King Ivar's village and Jack and his sister met Olaf's wives and children, plus thralls, not to mention Golden Bristles the troll-boar. When getting to the castle to offer some cargo to Freya, Thorgil gives Lucy to Frith the half-troll and Jack accidently killed Frith's hair while doing a song about her. After her snit, Jack frees Golden Bristles and when going back inside, the queen agreed that Jack finds a solution to get her hair back, and she will give Lucy back to him and sacrifice something else. So he, Thorgil, Bold Heart, and Olaf go to Jotunheim, home of Mimir's Well and Jotuns, plus where everything is deadly and huge. The four then make a break for it to a hideout after a deadly part of the forest and flower field. Olaf decidedly showed Jack a dragon that they had to worry about, and while taking a short break, everyone was attacked by a troll-bear. Olaf died in the battle, but Thorgil, Bold Heart, and Jack survived with minor or no injuries. After trudging up to the mountains, the dragon swooped up the remaining trio into her nest, and they escaped with no dragonlette survivors. They then come across a lush valley where they take a break, but Jack almost enjoyed it too much and delayed the trip even more with Thorgil's broken ankle. When the Jotun Queen's castle was in sight, Golden Bristles, who was found near the valley, offered a lift across the ice bridge, but while fighting a hawk, Jack and Thorgil get knocked out at the feet of a Jotun. After waking up and being explained things, Jack and Thorgil arrive at the castle/palace and wait for the chance to get to Mimir's Well. When the time comes, the two go through a part of the valley already seen and arrive at Yagdrrisal to get the song mead. After losing two important things, Jack and Thorgil drink their share and gain some enhanced abilities. After getting some gifts from the queen, the two and Bold Heart set out back to the ship waiting for their arrival, so they can get back home, all of which is part of the fantasy Europe.

Culture in Sea Of Trolls

One thing in this book that reflects culture in this book are the Jotunar, or giants. In norse mythology, the Jotunar were kicked out of Asgard, and were never allowed back in. The Jotunn are constantly in conflict with others. Another culture thing in The Sea of Trolls was the names of people. Some examples are Olaf, Mimir, and Thorgil.

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