Aboriginal Mistreatment

By: J.T and E.T


Since the European settlement, the Aboriginal people have been mistreated by the European domination. The Aborigines have been made slaves, they have also been whipped, and worst of all, the children have been taken away from their mothers and they have to learn the English ways.

European Settlement

Even though the British were the people who settled in Australia they weren't the first to explore it. In 1688 William Dapier was the first person to discover Australia. Soon later there were many other discoveries made such as when Matthew Flinders circumnavigated Australia mapping the coastline. This therfore enabled him to finish mapping Australia.

First Contact

When the Aboriginals and British first came in contact with each other they first avoided each other. Although as the British started to take over Australia it became more and more difficult to avoid each other. The British began to take over and settle most of the Aboriginals grounds. When the British began their colonies they wanted the Aboriginals to work in their colonies.

Kindness Or Not

The Governor at the time Governor Phillip reduced as much chance of conflict inbetween the Aboriginals and themselves so treated them kindly. Phillip introudued many different foods to them, in his attempt to gain trust with the Aboriginals. In Phillip's mind this was thought to be kindness, although many Aboriginals died from consuming these foods. When whisky and alchol was introduced to Aboriginals, the effect on the men affectted their tribe. The men refused to hunt for food and disobeyed the women in their tribe. Their was little the tribe could do.


Governor Phillip's idea of kidnapping aboriginal children was meant to educate them in the english ways so they could teach the rest of the tribe the same ways. One of the Aboriginal children stolen was Bennelong. Bennelong was captured in November 1789. Bennelong took into the english ways easily and enjoyed their food and learnt english. Bennelong had escaped in May.

I'm Sorry

On the 13th of February, 2008, Kevin Rudd made an apologetic speech to the Aboriginal people, about the harshness for the people and for the loss of their child. This speech went on for four minutes and 3 seconds, exact. Although this was a short speech, it gave a huge impact to the world today.