Augusto Pinochet

The Chile "President"


Pinochet assumed power in Chile following a coup détat on September 11, 1973 that overthrew the elected Socialist Unidad popular president of Chile Salvador Allende and ended civilian rule. Pinochet had been promoted to Commander in Chief of the Army by Allende on August 23, 1973. Having been his General Chief of staff since early 1972. In December 1974, the ruling military Junta appointed Pinochet President of Chile.
Chile: a "memory journey" of Augusto Pinochet's crimes

Letter to Augusto Pinochet

Dear Augusto,

Hello Augusto. Although we have never met I would just like to inform you the grief you have caused me. You have destroyed the one thing in my life I was most fortunate for and that is my family. You separated me and my wife from each other because we are socialist. Your men brutally whipped me and, you killed my wife. This is all your fault. This country was living good with a socialist government. You had to come along and destroy every good thing this country has to offer. I will tell you one thing. I am certainly not the only one in this country with socialist beliefs. You can not get rid of them all. When you start killing important people then people will start talking and they will want your head. I would run while you have the chance because people are definetely going to start coming after you.



Was Augusto Pinochet a good dictator of Chile?

Augusto Pinochet was not fit to rule Chile. He killed up to 3,200 people and thousands of people were executed for their beliefs. He was against human rights and was tried in trial for opposing human rights. His government that he created was also very corrupt. When Chile finally started to have free elections Pinochet was no more. Pinochet was a fraud and many people were forced to like him as their leader and this is why Augusto Pinochet was not a good dictator of Chile.

Why I chose this video?

I chose this video because I think it shows the brutallity that Pinochet ran Chile with. The video says how pople wee being killed. The part that popped out at me the most was when the man was talking about how a women that was pregnant was murdered. This really showed me that Pinochet was a very mean man with his mindest being... get as much power as you possibly can by, installing fear into people.