Digital Learning Day

What is Digital Learning Day?

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Digital Learning Day :: Registration

How Can I Participate?

-Take notes using a PDF file.

-Have a class discussion on Lino.

-Completing a worksheet sent through Dropbox and opening on an app of the students choice (Paperport notes, Noterize, Notability, Neu Annotate).

-Make an Educreation and present your findings to the class.

-Solve a word problem in math class using Showme and present to class.

-Use Voicethread in language class to create and tell a short story.

-Use iMovie to make a short clip.

-Use subtext to have class discussions while reading

-Use Prezi to create a slideshow of a lesson or activity to show the class

-Use Simplemind to create a graphic organizer

Digital Learning Day

Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 7:15am-7pm

Brookfield, CT

Brookfield, CT

7:15-2:00 (Digital Learning Day)

5:30-6:30 (iPad Fair)

7:00 (Board of Education Meeting)