Peter Lalor

Gold Rush

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Who is peter Lalor: Before Peter Lalor was a leader of the Eureka Stockade he was a merchant at the Diggings who sold tobacco and other supplies.

*Peter Lalor was born in February 5th, 1827 Ireland and died in February 9th, 1889 in Richmond.*He has 8 Brothers? James Lalor, Richard Lalor, Thomas Lalor, Jerome Lalor, William Lalor, Joseph Lalor, Patrick Lalor and John Lalor.*Also he has 3 Sisters? Mary Lalor, Margarett Lalor and Catherine Lalor.*He got married to Alicia Dunne in 1855 and got divorced in 1887.*His mum was Ann Lalor and his dad Patrick "Patt" Lalor.*He also spoke in an Irish accent and was religious to Catholics.

Peter Lalor is from Raheen, County Laois, Republic of Ireland

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