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online relationships

Online Relationships

When meeting someone online you truly know nothing about this person. Yes, you might have looked over their Facebook page and Twitter, but that person might not always be what they say they are. I'm not saying everybody online is bad, but it never hurts to be careful. You never know whats on the other side of that screen.

When texting or video chatting with someone, never do something that makes you uncomfortable like if they ask you to send a inappropriate picture or video of yourself don't do it. When you don't want to text this person anymore they can probable use those pictures or videos against you.

If you ever decide to meet this person in real life


  • Make sure someone knows you are meeting this person
  • Make sure you meet somewhere with lots of people
  • Bring your own vehicle to the meeting
  • keep everything that belongs to you close at all times
  • bring something moblie with you like a phone
  • contact someone as soon as you finish your date
  • don't drink alochol while on the date
  • Leave if you feel uncomforatable


  • keep the meeting a secret
  • go to a place were there isn't anybody else around like someones house
  • get drunk
  • let someone come pick you at your house
  • leave your belongings unattended
  • don't contact someone after the meeting

Many marriages are from online dating websites and most of them live very happliy together. People were very carful and used most of the tips I gave above. Having an online relationship is very dangerous if you aren't careful about how you react to these situations.