Picture framing services and new

Picture framing services and new technologies 300

Picture framing services and new technologies

Demands for picture frames are increasing as confidence of the customer improves. The picture framing store industry consists of small owner-operator firms that serve local markets. These shops provide ready-made frames and other crafting supplies. In the past five years they suffer a worst economic environment but now the situation improved a lot. Frame works need heavily talented works and advanced equipments and tools. Craft works need the help of machines. This will improve the precision and accuracy of the work. Introduction of new machineries improved the quality of the frames. Speed of the work increased and work load got decreased. Professional and trained workers are needed for using such equipments. For shaping, smoothening works certain equipments are available. framing Singapore website

  • Picture framing can grow into a successful business with the right combination of craftsmanship, customer relation and advertising. Working with galleries, artists, photographers to showcase their work, picture frames are responsible for the public presentation of art. In Singapore Merlin frames are the number one frame makers. They offer wide variety of frame designs such as wooden, classic, ornate, metallic, synthetic etc. Tools required in frame works include sander, matte cutter, glass cutter, tape, clamps, saws, picture hangers, miter boxes etc. They have large workshop houses to keep framed and unframed art work. It should have temperature and humidity controlling techniques to avoid damaging valuable artwork or photographs. They have strong relationships with art-supply stores, galleries and photographers to generate business. They also have online website where they used to display examples of work as well as samples of frames and matting. They offer custom made or conservation framing. They have various frame hangings. Picture can be hanged with these hanging. Hangings of various designs and materials are available. They specialise only in quality products that many framing services Singapore can be obtained.