Francis Flash

October 19th-30th

Bear Down on Bullying!

As Bully Prevention month drew to an end we celebrated all the ways our school is fighting bullying with an assembly put on by the Chicago Bears organization. We all had the opportunity to meet Staley the Bear and some of us were able to participate in the assembly! We talked about the different kinds of bullying that exist and how we can respond to bullying and change it!
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Reading - Schema!

The past two weeks we have spent our time talking about how important schema is as we read. Schema is everything you know! It is a combination of every feeling, experience, or bit of knowledge you have. We learned about how important it is to ACTIVATE your schema before reading. While you are reading you may find that you BUILD or even CHANGE your schema. We practiced this skill with the book Frogs by Nic Bishop! Remember to activate your schema before reading together at home :).
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Our Halloween party was a BLAST!! We crafted, played fun games, and even got to wrap each other like mummy's! Thank you so much again to our parent helpers!! Look below to see what a fun time we had!