White Oak River Basin

By: Danadia Cotton And Kamryn Roberson


Its located between Neuse and Cape Fear River. its also located along the central coast of North Carolina and located on camp lejuene. it is located in a place where pine trees are realy healthy.


There are 446 miles of streams and rivers 129 miles off the coastline


There are 336,210 people (in 2010)

details about the wetland

The forest’s communities are home to unusual insect eating plants like the Venus flytrap, pitcher plants, bladderworts, butterworts and sundews. A stunning array of lilies, orchids and other wildflowers grace the forest edges.

pullution in the river

these pollution in the river is formed by runoff from construction sites, streets, yards, and farmland and some times heavy rain makes chemicals mix.

one non point of pullution

the best place to get no pullution is in camp lejoine which is where their is no runoffs.. People can also help by limiting their use of fertilizers and pesticides on landscapes and making sure septic systems are maintained and working properly.
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what is a land animal in the river basin

this is a salt water allagator it is near the mouth of the river

this is another creature in the river basin

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this is all by danadia and kamryn