Truckin' Actors Monthly

Written by Kevin Duncan

Burt Reynolds Shocked After Sally Fields Reveals Old Flame!

Burt Reynolds was shocked when he learned that his co-star From the 1977 film Smokey and the Bandit. We Covered the story as it unfolded and Talked to Sally herself.

Fields confessed her long time love for Reynolds on Friday, Valentine’s Day. Fields says that they clicked while making the movie and she has been in love with the charismatic actor ever since.

Fields is now 67 and says that she is not looking for love, but then why has she come out with this shocking secret that she has kept for more than thirty years? We asked her this question, Fields said, “I wanted to make a statement, I missed the old glory days of Smokey and the Bandit and being in the public’s eyes. I’ve been to afraid that Burt wouldn’t love me back.”

Here we see Reynolds when he received the news. He is clearly extremely amused and when we asked him about it all he could say was that he feeling was not mutual and then began laughing hysterically.

So what’s next for both of them? Well it does not appear that either of them will be getting together anytime soon.