Foundation - SeeSaw for Schools

Best Practices for EISD Educators

K-5th Grade Teachers

Edgewood ISD is a SeeSaw for Schools district. What does this mean? It means that we do not use the free version, we have the pro version which expands the use for or administrators, teachers, and students.

To complete your Foundations SeeSaw Session, please watch the SeeSaw playlist and score an 80% or better on the Formative Assessment at the bottom.

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Quick Start for Seesaw for Schools Teachers - Introduction to Seesaw
Post to the class journal as a teacher in Seesaw
Students post to their Journal in Seesaw
Model lessons and show examples with Sample Student in Seesaw
Connect with families all in one place using the Inbox tab in Seesaw
Families use private messages to communicate with teachers in Seesaw
Browse the Seesaw Activity Library
Share an activity with Students in Seesaw
Students respond to an activity in Seesaw
Review and Approve Student Responses to Activities in Seesaw
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SeeSaw Formative Assessment for Course Credit

Short assessment to check for understanding. Score an 80% or better to earn credit. If you fail the assessment, email to reset the assessment for you.

SeeSaw Website with Help Files