Speak Up

By Janet S. Wong


The theme of this poem was that if you were from a different place from the world or a different race then you still might not know that language. The girl in the poem showed the person she was talking too to not judge someone by there outside or cover. This poem can also be related to the phrase never judge a book by its cover because the girl was being judge on how she can speak korean because she was korean.

Poetic Devices

The poetic devices found in this poem are reppittion, dialogue, and alliteration. There is reppittion in this poem because say and sounds are repeted throughout the poem. I did not think that this added rhythem to the poem because the stanzas are broken up so the story cannot flow. The dialogue is there and is very important because the entire poem is written in this. The dialouge really conveys the meaning of the poem. There is alliteration in the poem because the sound of s is repeted numerou times throughout the poem.


The speaker of the poem is really two people. It makes the poem unique. The first persons attitude, the mericans, was curious but racial. The second persons attitude , the koreans, was more respectful and more of a prove a point type.