Elements and Principles

Lejla Mehmedovic

Monochromatic Color Scheme

They all have the same of one color on. (Mono- one)

Analogous Color Scheme

Different shades of the same color group.

Complementary Color Scheme

Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.

Neutral Color Scheme

Neutral Colors (white, tan, black, gray)

Triadic Color Scheme

3 colors that can be connected in the color wheel.

Vertical Line (Clothing)

Lines that go vertically through clothing. (Up and Down)

Horizontal Line (Clothing)

Lines that go vertically though clothing. (Side to Side)

ZigZag Lines (Clothing)

Could be referred to as chevron, or just zigzagged lines throughout material.

Texture (1)

The feel of clothing.

Texture (2)

Emphasized Clothing (1)

Brings out a color of something.

Emphasized Clothing (2)

Symmetrical Balanced Clothing

Symmetrical Clothing.

Asymmetrical Balanced Clothing

Tapered more to one side.


The repetition of a pattern throughout clothing.


A burst of a darker shade of the same color on clothing blended into it. (Ombre)