The Person I Admire..

By: Lauren Kerkow

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The Person I Admire...

The person I admire is my uncle Scott.

One reason I admire Scott is because he is always proud of me even when others are not.

An example is; when my brother and I crashed his new four-wheeler. It wasn't bad but he wasn't mad. He was happy that we were okay.

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Another reason I admire Scott..

Another reason I admire Scott is he cares more for others than himself

An example is that he helps me when I'm getting into trouble or when I am in trouble.

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Finally the third reason why I admire Scott

Finally, I admire Scott because he makes people laugh all the time.

An example is, he always makes something funny out of a serious situation.

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The perfect person to look up to.

My Uncle Scott is a person to admire.