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Instructional Leadership Tips and Tricks

Gathering Feedback

Utilize any of the following tools in your faculty meeting. Encourage BYOT or utilization of new teacher devices. Modeling innovative teaching and learning strategies plants seeds for innovation in our classrooms and students!

Weekly Challenge # 1

  1. Use one of these feedback tools in a meeting this week.
  2. Post your reflection on the results of using the tool.

Ask a question...grow an answer! See the feedback develop into a word cloud. Quick feedback tool to for a temperature check, current needs, or input on your latest inservice. ***iPAD app available***

  1. Click the + sign in the top right
  2. Enter a question
  3. Select your settings
  4. Create
  5. Share your AnswerGarden with your staff or students
  6. Gather feedback!

Quickstart Guide

Create an on the fly form to gather feedback into a spreadsheet to further analyze.

  1. Create a new form in google
  2. Name your form
  3. Enter your question title
  4. Choose your question type
  5. Enter your options as appropriate
  6. Select done
  7. Share your form!

Learn more on how to create a simple Google Form for collecting feedback!

Learn how to engage your group and get feedback in the process.

  1. Click on Get a Free Account
  2. Enter your role and account details
  3. Create Account
  4. Create a New Kahoot! Quiz, Discussion, or Survey
  5. Enter your questions and answers

For more information on Kahoot! See EduCafe for more tips.

Create an ongoing dialog or backchannel during your meeting or class.

  1. Name your room
  2. Select the duration
  3. Open your room
  4. Provide the web address (url) to your staff or students
  5. Gather feedback

For more information on the use of Today's Meet: see EduCafe for more tips.

Use a tool of your choice to gather feedback. Share your reflections below!