iBlue Math: Geometry EOC

Applications of Right Triangles


Today you will...
  • Identify and apply patterns from right triangles to solve meaningful problems, including special right triangles (45-45-90) and (30-60-90) and triangles whose sides are Pythagorean triples

    Refresher Over Pythagorean Theorem!

    Watch the quick video below if you need a refresher over Pythagorean Theorem!

    Test Your Skills!

    Before moving on, let's see what you KNOW!
    • Class 1 is for the first link!
    • Class 2 is for the second link!

    Blog Post: Explain how to solve the problem below!

    About how many feet of fencing are needed to enclose a rectangular garden with a side 40 feet long and a 45 feet long diagonal.

    Explore (30-60-90) and (45-45-90) Triangles

    Explore the applet below. Notice any patterns? How can this help you understand the relationship between sides of a triangle with these special measures. Write your first blog posting about it!

    Apply It at Manga High!