Baseball Camp

May 23-26

Our Special Day is Coming Soon!!

This will be a camp where kids from ages 7-18 can come learn how to play baseball, learn some great new techniques and play pickup games against your own teams!

Milford Baseball Camp!

Monday, April 20th, 4pm to Tuesday, May 26th, 6pm

Milford Ne

This event is located in Milford Nebraska, North of Highway 6 on Welch Park Road. The Welch Park Ballfield is lighted and is used for a variety of events whether it is baseball, softball, soccer, playground, there are also batting cages!


When the children show up for baseball camp we will briefly go through rules, and then we will split the children into age groups and they will all split and go with their own coaches that will be provided. Lunch is provided at noon each day and dinner will be at 5. Children are to be picked up each night at 6 o'clock.