January 13-17, 2014

Ricchezza's Weekly News

First Benchmark Due Date for the 18 Week Group

For those people who have joined the 18 Week Schedule Group, this Friday, January 17 is the first Benchmark date - due date for all work. This means - and hopefully you know this already - that all the work from the first two weeks must be turned in before midnight Friday night. Here's a screenshot of the first two weeks from Physical Science B - I will post the appropriate screenshot to each course on the news feed - this is just as an example. Everything in bold type is graded work. Remember, there are penalties for being late, but late is better than zero.

You will not be able to see the news reminders about what's due, or access your first quiz, unless you're enrolled in a group!

Office Hours Wednesdays 7-8pm

Click here and login as a guest. If you want me to discuss some topic in depth, please send an email ahead of time. Remember, I teach five different classes, so there may be people with different needs; please be patient and polite.

Some Questions and Issues

  • Are you having trouble finding the first quiz? That's probably because you didn't join a group yet. Please follow all the instructions on the classroom bulletin board!
  • As far as schedule groups, if you came in last Wednesday or before, I definitely recommend the 18 week group. Anyone entering after that should probably choose 16 if they're ready to begin. Note that the 16 week group has nothing due this Friday - they don't officially start until next Tuesday the 21st, but you can actually start whenever. The first 16 week due date is 1-31.
  • Please keep the message board polite, clean, and respectful. There's always a fine line between gentle ribbing and being obnoxious, and there's nothing more awkward than looking behind you and seeing you're way past that line - and everyone knows it before you.
  • Next Monday (January 20), Georgia Virtual School is closed to honor Martin Luther King Day. The website and class materials will be available, but I will not be working, and you are not expected to login, read school email, or submit anything.
  • Because of the holiday, the late penalties are amended for next week as follows:
    Work submitted on (penalty % of total possible grade):
    Saturday 1-18 thru Tuesday 1-21 (10%)
    Wednesday 1-22 (20%)
    Thursday 1-23 (30%)
    Friday 1-24 (40%) No work from this benchmark will be accepted after Friday 1-24!
  • Regardless of which one you pick, please make sure you are in a schedule group. If you have questions or problems, please contact me.
  • The 18 Week welcome session is available for viewing under the User Links widget. You do not need to join the 18 week group to watch it, and if you are new to GaVS it is highly recommended you watch.

Contact Me

If you have questions, problems, or concerns, the worst possible thing you can do is keep them a secret!