Are internet cookies safe to use ?

What are cookies ?

Cookies are designed to make your internet life a lot easier . For example on some websites e.g Google translate it will remember the last language you used to translate , so the next time you go on the website it will be the same language you used before so you wont have to re-type it.

Cookies , are they good ?

They may have been explained as an evil and intrusive spying mechanism tracking your every move on the net - or a harmless device designed to make your life easier. Most of them are used for security or making life generally easier. However some people take advantage .

Types of Cookies

The most well known websites cookies are secure. Some website have cookies which are "Third party cookies" , these aren't the websites cookies. Someone has paid them to put them on the websites. These are less secure, usually they are used for adverts. If you go into the tutorials below it will show you how to remove 3 parties cookies .

What are Internet Cookies?