Valentine Fun in Preschool

Lynn's Room

Valentine Fun

This week during our small groups we have been having lots of fun getting ready for our Valentine's Party.

MONDAY: We made bags to collect our Valentines, cut out the letter H and then decorated it with hearts, and used BINGO dabbers to make heart art.

TUESDAY: We continued our learning our letter learning with the letter H/h sound and learning how to write the letter O/o (starting at the top).

WEDNESDAY: This is our math day and we worked on estimating and the actual amount. The children guessed how many candy hearts they could hold in their hand, how many candy hearts would fit inside a heart shape, and making number groups with hearts.

THURSDAY: On this day we played a game with candy hearts, who could stack the highest candy heart tower (which tower had the most), Red and White patterns, and partner puzzle work.

FRIDAY: We passed out Valentines to our friends, watched a video about friendship, graphed who wore the Valentine colors- red, white, pink, and/or purple.

Please enjoy the pictures below that captured a few of our activities.