Kyle, Isaac, Carson


Air battles was a new age in human history.Planes would fly into heavens and soar above our heads. There were many different kinds of planes the two most famous planes Are the fighter planes and bomber. The bomber plane would destroy cities,sink ships & take down bases. The fighter plane would protect bomber planes,raid bases& damage ships. So planes played a big role in WWII.


In the Navy in World War II, of the army except in the ocean, in the ocean, there were ships and aircraft carriers in the sea, they would go out to the sea and look for their rivals ships. Submarines would go underwater and search for other submarines. One of the ships were the USS Arizona in Hawaii. The Navy was a big part of the Army.


In World War II Germany had better, stronger guns and vehicles than the things they had in World War I. The strongest thing they had was a tank, it was the strongest land vehicle there was. The tank had heavy guns, a missile launcher, and had 2 to 3 inches of armor. They were also about 25 to 35 tons. Tanks were also designed to survive heavy attacks.

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