Polygons & Quadrilaterals

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Flow Chart: Parallelogram

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Parallelograms & their examples

Parallelogram Problems

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  1. Set them equal to each other
  2. Cancel out eighteen
  3. Combine forty and eighteen by subtraction
  4. cancel out "x"
  5. combine two and "x" by subtraction
  6. divide twelve into one
  7. "x" equals twelve

Properties of Parallelograms

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Trapezoids and Isosceles Trapezoids

Trapezoid: a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides

Isosceles trapezoid: a trapezoid with legs that are congruent

Trapezoids and Isosceles Trapezoids: Examples

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  1. set fifteen to one half multiplied by "x" plus three plus four"x" plus seven
  2. cancel out one half
  3. multiply two and fifteen
  4. combine like terms
  5. subtract ten on both sides
  6. divide five on both sides
  7. twenty divided by five is four
  8. "x" equals four


  • Kite: a quadrilateral with two pairs of consecutive sides congruent and no opposite sides congruent.
  • If a quadrilateral is a kite, then its diagonal are perpendicular.

Kite: Example

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  1. set equal to 360
  2. combine like terms
  3. subtract 256 on both sides
  4. Angles W&Y are equal to 52


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