Tuesday TOSA Tips

For the month of February

Tech tips and information

An article that makes you think...

6 Questions to consider - Using technology vs. innovation

Integrating technology in NUMBER TALKS (this was discussed at the 3-6 Math PD days)

Set up a PADLET page.

WIKI link for directions

Graphic Organizers to use the "add your own background feature"

Application Updates

Subtext - with this app no longer being free, check out the site Actively Learn to create a similar learning experience for students.

Apple Update
iCloud Photo Sharing possibility. Check out steps on the WIKI and feel free to ask for support in setting it up. Click here for WIKI link.

Khan Academy APP

The iPad APP has been updated and now has the complete library available.

Edmodo for Parents APP

NEW - If you want to connect parents to your class Edmodo account, suggest that they download the Edmodo for Parents app to stay connected.


Google Drive and Google Classroom
NEW - Google Classroom has an APP. Contact tech if you use Google Classroom and would like the APP on student devices.


STREAM - Introduction to the NGSS

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Common Core-ner

Worthwhile tasks and complex problems do more than just give students meaningful opportunities to apply academic knowledge and skills; they help students develop the 4 C’s and more!

Looking for some fun, elementary-friendly math tasks to try out in your classroom? Check out these open-ended, collaborative 100th day activities from NEA.

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