Saint Isaac Jogues

the life of Saint Isaac Jogues

Saint Isaac Jogues was born in Orleans, January 10, 1607. While a teenager he decided to be a Jesuit. Saint Isaac was a very religious man. St. Isaac was thought to die as a child because he was very sick. When he had lived past his illness he believed that God had saved him and became a priest. In his early years he was taught at home until he was seventeen. He was in a bourgeois family. At seventeen he entered the Jesuit novitiate school at Rouen. Then he went to the royal college of La Fleche, founded by Henry IV. He had meetings with pioneers. He was captured by the Indians and tortured before he escaped. He then went back to France were he was thought to be dead. He then went as a volunteer back to Canada to return to the Mohawks and make peace with them. But when he did that he was killed.

Saint Isaac Jogues was the first North American martyr. He brought the faith to the Indians. In 1636 he arrived in Quebec, under the leadership of Jean de Brebeuf. They went to share the faith with the Huron Indians, but since the Iroquois often fought the Huron Indians, Isaac was captured and tortured by the Iroquois. Isaac escaped because through Dutch, and returned to France. Pope Urban VIII allowed Isaac to serve mass even though most Isaac’s fingers had been cut, chewed, or burnt off. Ten years later Saint Isaac Jogues returned to North America thinking the peace treaty would be observed. On their way to the Iroquois Saint Isaac was captured by the Mohawk Indians. Saint Isaac’s thumb was cut off to insure the missionary would never use weapons against them. Saint Isaac was tomahawked for making the sign of the cross on some children. He was a Jesuit.

Saint Isaac Jogues was a French Jesuit priest who was sent to America to bring faith to the Natïve Americans. He was martyred by the Mohawk Indians with a tomahawk. He was one of the first martyred people in North America. Without Saint Isaac the Native Americans would not have been familiar with Jesus. He helped spread Christianity throughout Canada and America. We celebrate Saint Isaac by remembering his work on October 19. The most remarkable thing Saint Isaac did was bring the Catholic faith o the Huron Indians and the Mohawk Indians. Saint Isaac and all of his fellow Jesuit martyrs were canonized in 1930. We celebrate Saint Isaac Jogues saying his prayer and going to mass. Their only will was to bring God's love to the Indians of 17th century America. Saint Isaac was ordained a priest at the age of 29. He died at the age of 39.

Saint Isaac Jogues - October 19

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