Mi Promesa by Pesado

Joshua Oswald

Latin Pop

The type of music that this song most is like is Latin Pop but it reminds me of a Country Western song at the beginning of this song.

This song is played on MTV and a girls quinceanera.

Some artists that go with this music is Adriel Favelab, América Sierra, and Duina del Mar.


The history of this type of music started in the 1960's with Ricky Martin and Sharkira. The orgins of this music is a mixature of europeans comeing to the Americas when Spanish influence started coming the the Americas also. When this happened their musics mixed and created a new form of music Latin Pop. This music is influenced by American Pop and other types of Pop around the world.

Characteristics of Latin Pop

The use of the language, African beats, call and response. Create Latin Pop. The instruments they have and use are diverse. Some are bata, bongos, timbale and, nada drum. They do not have a specific "dress" for this type of music. Mostly it is what ever the artist feels like having. One of the most popular artists was Shakira and Ricky Martin.

Connection to Dance for Latin Pop

This type of music is up-beat, that means some dances you could do are the two-step and a jive. This type of music is harder to pair dance with it because of the up-beat. The two-step is like a marching dance but quicker. The jive is comes from country dancing.

Latin Pop Today

Today Latin Pop is on MTV, they have radio stations just for Latin Pop on Sirius radio. The music is associated with Shakira and Prince Royce. Many say to look at the Los Angles Times for