Alvin FFA

Weekly Update

Homecoming Float decorating will begin at 3pm at the AG shop. You must be on the float by 4:45pm at the stadium to be able to ride. Bring a bag of candy to toss during the float. Please wear a FFA shirt or school shirt with jeans.


  • Sept 28th Homecoming Parade meet at Ag Shop @ 3pm to decorate or the Stadium by 4:45pm to ride.
  • Sept 30th Community Service at Noah's Ark @ 4pm meet in the Ag Shop
  • Oct 1st Major Scramble Sign ups begin
  • Oct 2nd Homecoming
  • Oct 3rd Set up at the Fairgrounds for the Food Trailer and Cattle Pens
  • Oct 8th Set up of Pig Pens and Ag Mech Projects
  • Oct 9th BCFA move in
  • Oct 10th Friendswood FFA Shoot
  • Oct. 15th HLSR Scramble Sign up begins
  • Oct 17th George Ranch FFA Shoot
  • Oct 21st AISD Show Entry Deadline @ 4pm
  • Oct 22nd FFA Meeting @ 7pm
  • Oct 24th AISD show at the Boothe Ag Center in Manvel
  • Oct 29th Haunted Hay Ride at the Ag Farm


  • LDE practices are being held daily after school. Remind your child to attend practices so we can advance to Area.
  • CDE practices will be starting soon.

Important Links Below

Below you will find several links that will take you to forms you might find useful.

  • Calendar
  • FFA Membership form DEADLINE IS FRIDAY OCT. 2nd

Major Livestock Show Information

  • Major pigs are being born now and they will cost $350 per pig this year. The money for pigs is DUE to Mr. Kettler no later than Thursday Oct. 29th. Selection will occur on the weekend of Nov. 7th. Yes, I know its opening weekend.
  • Major Sheep and Lamb validation will occur on TUESDAY OCT. 27th at the fairgrounds. A time has not been set yet.
  • Major Heifer validation will occur Thursday Oct. 15th starting at 3 pm at the fairgrounds or Saturday Oct 31st starting at 8 am at the fairgrounds. IF you validated your heifer in June for majors you do not have to re-validate unless it changed ownership or you have a new heifer.
  • Major Calf Scramble sign up dates have been posted look under the Calf Scramble heading to find this information.



  • Text 81010 to sign up
  • You will need to put in the message which of the groups you want to be in. If you want to be in more than one group you will need to send a separate text for each group.
  • FFA reminders type: @alvinffa
  • Cattle reminders type: @alvincattl
  • Goat/Lamb reminders type: @alvinlago
  • Poultry/Rabbit reminders type: @alvinpora
  • Swine reminders type: @alvinswine


  • Every Shooter needs to stop by Mr. Kettler's room and give him your contact information so he can set up a group text.

  • Practice at Greenwood Shooting Club on Sundays at 1:30

  • Friendswood FFA Shoot Saturday Oct 10th
  • George Ranch FFA Shoot Saturday Oct 17th

AG Farm


**Only drive and park on the driveway, please stay off the grass and out of the ditches.

1. Clean your pens daily and dispose of the waste in the spreader or dumpster

2. Pick up after yourself and your animals, this means POOP!

3. Put up Hoses, blowers, clippers, supplies when done with them.

4. Put Trash in trashcans and empty them.

3. Work your animals daily

4. Feed on a constant schedule

5. Watch your speed