My Polictical Cartoon

What the cartoon is representing

The author of this cartoon was talking about how Colorado legalizing Marijuana. It is poking fun and be humorus by using horses, who eat grass. It shows that the horse is representing Colorado and that it is floating in the air or "high" and the other horse which is just normally standing on the ground.
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Time Period

In mid 2014 Colorado legalized marijuana and is still being talked about today. So this article would have to be in the present.

Satirical meaning

The two satirical meanings I would think this would be are humor and parody. Humor because it pretty seeing a horse on weed floating in the air. It is also parody because it is imitating the original thought of what legalizing marijuana would be.

Artist's Point

The point of the making this cartoon to inform people about the legalization of marijuana and show that it is very odd to legalize it. It also odd to come across people who are on the drug and know that it is allowed.