The Rabaduex Reader

Week of 8/31/15

Forgetting Something?

Did anyone else barely make it to soccer on Thursday night before they'd thought of about a dozen things they should've mentioned during our time together? Maybe that was just me.?.?.

A few items I failed to mention the first time:

*Grades - Some grades will come straight from student journals and workbooks. So, if you see a grade appear in Skyward (and they will begin appearing this week) but it doesn't come home, it's probably in one of those. Your student is welcome to take their notebooks/workbooks home --- BUT they cannot be worked on at home and they must get returned to school the very next day so they're there if we need them.

*Thinking Maps - I implement the use of these quite often in my classroom as they are perfect for allowing me to see thought processes. However, they're unlike the work we brought home when we were in school so don't be alarmed. Check out for more information - and/or ask your little thinker to explain them to you.

*Spelling - Homework and word lists should have come home on Friday. The students have 15 words to practice and their work needs to be done in their spelling notebooks. Friday is our 1st test of the year!

Curriculum CliffsNotes

Math - Students will practice using various problem solving strategies (make a table, guess & check, draw a picture, etc.) as we attempt addition and subtraction word problems

Language Arts - We'll listen to vowel sounds and create a tree map highlighting short vowel words

Social Studies - The kids will identify outstanding citizens and write about citizenship

Science - This week is all about establishing a safe working environment so we'll review rules and procedures