Concentration Camp

Mckenzie Dehass

How Camp Changed the Prisoners

Concentration camps changed the prisoners as a person because they became very rude and only thought of there selves, when it came to staying alive and healthy. camps also changed families. Families would be separated and sometimes never be reunited. Concentration camps changed prisoners relationships with others tremendously, people would kill each other for a piece of bread. prisoners would literally do anything to stay alive.

Themes of Night

1. inhumanity

- Germans would treat the Jews like animals, torture them, and feed them small amounts

2. Faith and Hope

- Jews had hope and stayed strong through it all. Most stayed strong through it all even when times were hard.

3. importance of remembering

- without memory Jews would never remember there family members that didn't make it through all of the concentration camps. They would forget all of the memories before the concentration camps too.

What Does This Novel Reveal About Yourself?

Night really made me remember how blessed and fortunate I am. Whenever I think my life is hard I just remember how much these people have gone through. I couldn't imagine losing a family member right in front of me. Only getting to eat a small piece of bread every so often with some soup, family members giving there food to other members of the family trying to keep them alive and well.


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