The revolutionary new way to throw a party

What is KUBE?

KUBE is a cubic shaped speaker equipped with a speaker and cooler. It is wireless and uses bluetooth to play music directly from your phone! Along with being one of the best speakers KUBE also functions as a fully operative cooler.

How KUBE operates as a computer system

Your phone or device can use Bluetooth to send a wireless signal to the KUBE as an input where the KUBE with receive it, understand that it has been asked to do through processing and will play music out through it's speakers as an output

How to KUBE

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Facts about KUBE

  • KUBE emits 125 decibels of high quality audio with up to 400 watts of power
  • KUBE is water resistant but not waterproof
  • KUBE has a 20 hour battery life
  • KUBE can store up to 35 liters of drinks in it's storage compartment which doubles as a cooler
  • KUBE is 17" x 17" x 23"