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Take Control: Work - Nourish - Replenish + More

Take Control of Your Workspace

I'm aware that every time you hear from me I am telling you about a new aspect of decluttering that I love the MOST! Believe me when I say that I love this work! This time it's about increasing office productivity and ease. How do you organize your work space so that you flow and get your work done? You know this: when your space is clear so is your head. When it isn't, the chaos on your desk seeps into your brain. I want your energy to be used well so that you can relax in your space. You can develop systems to maintain the paper and projects ahead.

This summer, in prep for what will always feel like a new school year to me, I am offering a discounted rate for office and desk organization. Let's get your foundation established and develop maintenance strategies. This way you will be ready and won't need me beyond a touch-up now and then. Here are some home office before and after shots:

Hard-to-place item - Turtle Collection!

At my last workshop of the season, I was given the challenge to help someone find a home for his super large turtle collection. The collection had grown over years of international travel and was comprised of 300 turtles made from all sorts of materials, including solid gold. I put it out to my network and got some great ideas back but the attendee has not answered my emails!

SO - Mr. Turtle-Collector: If you are reading this, here are some ideas to help you find a home for your collection. Contact the colleges who have turtles as their mascots. See if their development departments want to use them as gifts to donors or campus visitors. Same with wildlife or terrapin organizations such as the Sea Turtle Conservancy. Additional uses could be individual silent auction items or perhaps auctioning the collection as a whole. You also could search for a similar collector on facebook or turtle-loving listserves or offer these up individually or as a complete collection on ebay. Lastly, start gifting them to admirers when they visit your home. What fun it would be to pick out a favorite one!

If you are reading this, please get in touch with me - we can do this!

Organize Your Kitchen

You gotta eat, you gotta stay hydrated and you gotta create. (You don't have to do the last thing, but it can be fun.) Do you have counter space? Are you scared to open a cabinet for fear that something will come toppling down? Too many lids? How 'bout those appliances? Which ones do you use and which ones do you think you use? How many corners have papers and coupons shoved in there? How many water bottles do you really need? You can push through this and make your kitchen both sweet and savory. Look for the list of the area's best thrift shops and other good places on my "Where to Donate" website page. Give things away. Have a yard sale. Donate to new immigrants establishing new homes.

How's Your Sleep?

How IS your sleep? What's your bedroom feel like? We need one another and we need one another rested and ready to go into the world. Does looking for clothing in the morning trip you up? Give some away to the Career Wardrobe, or Philly AIDS Thrift or you can wait in line to sell them at Buffalo Exchange and get cash on the spot. There's sure to be a thrift shop near you that will take your old clothes.

Lastly, if clothing on your bed is not one of the reasons you can't sleep, use a high-grade lavender oil on your temples and - believe it or not - on the bottoms of your feet. It works. I promise.

Question: Green Drop Facilities

You may be tempted to use a Green Drop facility because various charities benefit from your items. I get questions ab Green Drop alot so I made a visit and asked how it works. Bottom line - they could not tell me what happens to all the things that are dropped off. Yes, the various charities benefit from your donations BUT it is not guaranteed that these items are put to reuse or sold for weight, scrap, etc. In fact, I could not find out how the charities benefit or what happens to the items after they receive them. If one of your goals is RE-USE I am not sure that Green Drop is the way to go.

Here is an amazing resource of what to do with your things in the Philly area. It comes from my friends at reSource Exchange. I think you will find it super comprehensive -- and dare I say - exciting?

Looking toward Autumn

  • Scheduling House Parties + Workshops Now
  • Webinar: Less Stuff/More Ease: DeCluttering Through the Jewish Calendar - this will be offered through Stay tuned for details.

Client Comments

Thanks to my clients for the privilege of sharing time and organizing space together. I especially love the stories that arise while we work and thank you for sharing them with me. You can read some thoughts about my workshops, book and house calls here.

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In the true spirit of interconnection, I know that when your environment is clear, you are freed up to bring your best self to the world in all ways. Visit my website to learn more. You can do this!

I look forward to meeting you soon -- Gari