Newsletter of the Auckland Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

First Quarter 2015

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The latest

Website Update

The Cloudbase website is going to undergo an overhaul shortly. New committee member Matt is running point. Give him a yell if you have any ideas about what could be included or can help out with content or design.

Upcoming Events

Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition - Round 2

Saturday, March 21st, 10am to Sunday, March 22nd, 6pm

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, Auckland

We will give the Auckland regional comp one more go before the end of the season.

Location: Moirs, Dills, Kaimais, Paeroas, you know the score. Weather dependant. Announcement will be made Thursday 19th March at 19:30.
For further details please contact Johnny Hopper and see the event in the G+ community:

Hang Gliding Mentoring Evening

Wednesday, March 25th, 6pm

Mark's Place

Senior club HG pilots have extended an invite to all club novice HG pilots for an evening of food and chatter on Auckland flying. This event is for experienced and new HG pilots to exchange ideas and get to know each other and for new pilots to get a glimpse of possibilities for their flying as they develop. Novice pilots are asked to bring along your log books so that senior pilots can talk to each of you based on what you've done and what you might want to do.

Subsidsied by the club, food (sausages, salads, chips, and dips) for the evening is included!

For more information and to voice your interest contact Mark Alton or John Burton.