Strengthening Your Vocal Cords

Some exercises and tips to make you a better singer.

Always start off easy.

If you start with a harder warm up you could risk hurting your voice. You should do this for about 10-20 minutes. But not all at once. Make sure you take short and long breaks every now and then. This will help you not to stress out your vocal cords. So one easy warm up can be to hum a simple tune. Start off soft and slowly increase your volume. Try to find an easy song that moves from lower scale up this way you are warming up all parts of your voice.

Can't Sing Without Air.

A good singer can always hold that one and only dramatic note that makes the song. But you can't do that if you don't know how to control your air flow. To practice controlling your air sing short phrases in one breath then gradually work to longer phrases. Another way is to sing a song you know really well and focus on controlling your breathing. Just follow these simple steps.

1.) Sing through the first two lines and notice where you take your breath.

2.) Now sing the lines again and pay attention to how your body moves when you breath.

3.) Try to sing from the beginning until your second breath. (For example: If you are singing Amazing Grace. Try to sing from Amazing grace to the end of Sound. No breath after Amazing Grace.)

4.) Make sure your body doesn't tighten. If it does try to relax it and try again.

Controlling Your Resonance.

When you sing you send vibrations through your body called resonance. Being able to control this will help you to change the sound of your voice. To learn to do this here is an exercise. Follow the steps with the picture above.

1.) Sing the first measure using the sound of mmm then switch to the ee sound.

2.) Try to sing the second measure.

Tip: Record yourself singing and listen to the resonance and compare them.

3.) Now sing the third measure.