Thinking of you...

as always :)

We live by faith, but unfortunately we are not necessarily always in the faith.

Sometimes we allow our emotions to take the best of us and we fall into this trap of only looking at what we are doing wrong rather than where we would like to reach.

This happens with you, with me and with everyone!

Does this means that we are weak? Absolutely NOT! How am I so sure? Because we can change this mindset anytime we want, and this my darling is called POWER!

We have got this power inside of us to be different, to do different.

Use this power right now. Shake away the fears, the doubts, the accusations, the insecurities and let us take possession.

What is it that you want? Go and get it!

It is that simple :)

I believe in you, and so does HE!

Have a blessed day :)

Kisses xxxx

Flavia Barcelos