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HVMS Update - 4/17/2023

Hello, HVMS Family!

Please take a few minutes to read through our latest newsletter. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Hidden Valley Middle School

Helping Students Find Their Wings Since 1972

Our mission at Hidden Valley Middle School is to cultivate knowledge, to promote civic responsibility, to provide opportunities for the exploration of interests and abilities, to foster positive attitudes, and to develop essential skills necessary for all students to become productive citizens capable of thriving in the dynamic world of the twenty-first century.


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May SOL Testing

May 9th: Reading 6-8 SOL

May 10th: Science 8 SOL

May 11th: Math 6-8, Algebra, and Geometry SOL

May 12th: Civics 8 SOL

May 15-25: Make-ups and Retesting

Students should be well rested before their SOL test and eat a good breakfast. Please have students bring a charged laptop and charger with them to school. Students should not have stickers, sticky notes, or writing on their laptops. If you have trouble with the removal of anything on the laptop, please have your students visit the Laptop Depot at school for help.

We encourage good attendance on your students’ scheduled test days. Make-up testing causes your student to miss some of their last few classes. We want them to be able to wrap up grades and enjoy end-of-the-year class activities and projects.

Mighty Minds Creative Showcase

Please see the following message from Ashley Spanfelner:

I am the sponsor for our school’s Prevention Club, named Mighty Minds. I am writing to ask for consideration of a donation to be used as part of our Creative Showcase we are hosting on May 13th at our school to bring community awareness for Mental Health Awareness Month. Students are able to submit creations with a mental health theme and we are working with the community to raise item donations to be used during the Showcase as prizes as well as raffling off to raise money for our PTSO. Our students have worked hard this entire year and won several awards for their efforts in promoting reduction of mental health stigma and promoting substance use awareness in our community.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out to me to discuss options. No donation is too small for consideration. Thank you for supporting our students and their ambition to bring more awareness to their community.

We appreciate any consideration!


Ashley Spanfelner, LPC, LSATP

LIFE Counselor for HVMS

Sponsor of Mighty Minds

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Hidden Hero Award

As mentioned in our student handbook that went out at the beginning of the year, Hidden Valley Middle School encourages students to be active participants in the community in which they live. Each year, HVMS recognizes Hidden Heroes, who are students who complete 30 hours or more of community service during the school year. Students who would like to be recognized for their contributions to their community should turn in the community service verification form by May 1.

Roanoke Prevention Alliance

To bring awareness to the benefits of building individual and community resilience, during Resilience Week (May 1-7 2023), the Resiliency Collective, the Roanoke Prevention Alliance, the Roanoke Valley Trauma Informed Community Network, and DePaul are co-sponsoring a no-cost screening of “Resilience” at the Grandin Theater from 6 - 7 p.m. on Tuesday May 2 (followed by a Q&A with a panel of experts in their fields from 7 - 7:30 p.m.). Childcare will be provided upstairs at the Grandin along with a kids movie from 5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Please register for childcare via the Eventbrite link below: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/resilience-movie-screening-tickets-591672236587


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Eagle of the Month

HVMS has begun recognizing eight students from each grade level each month to be our Eagles of the Month. Hidden Valley Middle School Eagles of the Month display outstanding behavior both inside and outside the classroom by consistently meeting HVMS SOAR expectations of being safe, organized, accountable, and respectful. Eagles of the Month demonstrate opportunity ready skills including communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and citizenship. These students exhibit a positive attitude toward their peers, school, and community, and they maintain a focus on continuous improvement.

Our Eagles of the Month for March are the following:

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A Honor Roll - 3rd Quarter 2022-2023

6th Grade

Alabbasi, Abdurrahman K.

Austin, Megan L.

Bishop, Claire E.

Bishop, Tanner J.

Bitton, Alex L.

Canfield, Anabelle M.

Charles, Xavier I.

Chase, Addison B.

Crawley, Owen W.

Cuellar`Ortiz, Anasofia

Devupalli, Siri`Varshini

Dowdy, Chloe G.

Downes, Erin O.

Driscoll, Luke M.

Fender, Sicily D.

Fusco, Sofia R.

Gallagher, Elizabeth E.

Gillespie, Madelyn E.

Hammond, Ava V.

Harding, Lilah B.

Havens, Lincoln R.

Havens, Ryan N.

Hedges, Charlotte M.

Hopkins, Henry J.

Hostetler, Tate A.

Howell, Shannon M.

Hutchinson, Chloie J.

Johnston, Carly G.

Jones, Makenzie P.

Karolyi, Amelia E.

Karolyi, Katherine S.

Karout, Aline K.

Keck, Dante P.

Keefer, Makayla L.

Kochenderfer, Mae L.

Lubeck, Eliza J.

Luoma, Logan E.

Madhoun, Tamara M.

Marks, Sawyer R.

Martin, Elena S.

Miller, Seth G.

Moreno, Jay C.

Morsink, Kevin W.

Nieminen, Katelyn N.

Norris, Seth C.

Orange, Madeline A.

Pan, Thomas Y.

Patel, Isha A.

Patil, Rudra N.

Reilly, Janicia J.

Scutellaro, Emery P.

Sedgwick, Abigail L.

Singh, Sohini

Smith, Jackson A.

Smith, Lilly E.

Sollinger, Katherine E.

Spring, Josephine F.

Sullivan, Caleb J.

Swank, Jackson C.

Tarran, Eleri N.

Thomas, Hope A.

Thorell, Natalie F.

Tyree, Atticus R.

Underwood, Eleanor D.

Weaver, Avery R.

Wiegard, Blair C.

Yost, Knox P.

7th Grade:

Adkins, Jillian K.

Aghdasi, Hasti

Albin, Jack M.

Bajrami, Vesa

Baxley, Erin L.

Bayer, Mary G.

Bharucha, Anaya

Bhowansingh, Zara C.

Blake, Allison J.

Boothe, Abigail L.

Bratic, Aleksandar T.

Brislin, Tyler J.

Burke, Cullen A.

Carter, Emma R.

Christiansen, Kemper M.

Combs, Annabelle P.

Couch, Lauren M.

Deryabin, Matvey M.

Donahue, Peiton D.

Donodeo, Adriana M.

Draper, Andrew W.

Dunleavy, Tre J.

Floyd, Amelia C.

Garcia`Peguero, Nathalia I.

Henk, Kaitlyn J.

Hieber, Charlotte A.

Hirsch, Benjamin R.

Holloway, Dylan Z.

Holmes, Emma R.

Houchins, Ella J.

Hurd, Madelyn I.

Johnson, Addison O.

Karia, Misri K.

Katerba, Leisel A.

Khan, Uzma

Kinzie, John D.

Knowles, Madison C.

Landis, Cameron R.

Larin, Nikita S.

Link, Kendall A.

Luoma, Emery M.

McCarty, Emma M.

McClure, Slade T.

McGarry, Maddison S.

Mercure, Mary T.

Moreno, Jaiden A.

Murariu, Lucas S.

Nguyen, Nolan T.

Nieminen, Claire E.

Palmer, Mason J.

Patel, Geet N.

Pineda, Leila V.

Princely, Omega O.

Racz, Matthew J.

Settle, Sara L.

Shepard, Isley F.

Sohm, Jared R.

Stamps, Hannah E.

Stewart, Noah K.

Walsh, Katherine N.

White, Megan E.

8th Grade:

Barbour, Virginia V.

Battle, Naziah K.

Bhagat, Mahee V.

Bobo, Rachel E.

Brown, Kenley J.

Collins, Victoria N.

Cox, Maren E.

Dorlini, Luca L.

Dudley, Lauren E.

Durham, Penelope C.

Gardner, Adelyne G.

Getz, Chase T.

Harrison, Isabella L.

Hoyt, Hailey L.

Kadela, Kathryn S.

Kasmer, Kate R.

Keaveney, Greyson A.

Kochenderfer, Lucy R.

Lanier, Vivian C.

Lubeck, Lucy E.

Lupton, Noel C.

Madan, Aryan

Malaga`Ortiz, Ethan J.

Neale, Stephen C.

Nichols, Savanah P.

Parashar, Anika

Patel, Jiya A.

Poff, Norah M.

Ramey, Fiona L.

Raya, Adam A.

Raymond, Eli F.

Rose, Autumn R.

Salinas, Madison L.

Shabana, Ashlynn A.

Shepard, Joshua T.

Simmons, Penelope A.

Smith, Sophia N.

Sofi, Alishba

Sohm, Jacob R.

Stacy, Grace N.

Stevens, Nathan R.

Strange, Aidan M.

Szechenyi, Vada R.

Underwood, Andrew Z.

Walters, Kenton T.

Weaver, Addison G.

Westerhold, Ella K.

A/B Honor Roll - 3rd Quarter 2022-2023

6th Grade:

Al`Asadi, Maryam H.

Arthur, Remington P.

Aziz, Maryam H.

Baba, Mason B.

Belgarde, Gabriella G.

Blake, Alexandria J.

Blankenship, Caleb Z.

Bratton, Alesha A.

Budnick, Audrey G.

Bush, Isaiah N.

Campbell, Lennox J.

Carr, Jordan K.

Carter, Aiden J.

Carter, Alexander L.

Claros'Hortua, Samuel

Cubas, Cesar A.

Dawson, Lane W.

Fraim, Atticus H.

Gardner, Claire M.

Gish, Evelyn S.

Godfrey, Dillon M.

Gregory, Emma M.

Gupta, Aditi

Harrington, Grayson D.

Hashimura, Erika L.

Hayes, Landon M.

Hazelwood, Loftin K.

Hoch, Dominic M.

Howell, Kaybree S.

Howell, Sophey F.

Jarrard, Caroline W.

Jones, Na`Ryyah S.

Jones, William C.

Lemus`Martinez, Genesis S.

Liftawi, Amir J.

Lilly, Max B.

Lovell, Nathan G.

McCarty, Falon G.

McIlwraith, Matthew H.

McLain, Easton H.

Merlino, Joey L.

Munoz, Eva C.

Murray, Collin M.

Orange, Eli S.

Orange, Nicholas C.

Paterno, Charles B.

Pinson, Reese A.

Plunkett, Ava G.

Polakowski, Tanner J.

Popov, Ivan

Privitera, Matthew R.

Raring, Amelia C.

Raymond, Kensingtyn A.

Riddle, Levi S.

Ryan, Mikayla G.

Santos`Ortiz, Jose D.

Slade, Barry J. Jr.

Smales, Josue M.

Smith, Sarah E.

Spangler, Imani N.

Tanveer, Armaan

Testerman, Brynn A.

Tokarsky, Graham E.

Torres`Reyes, Diego

Tronstad, Selah G.

Woodard, Cornelius C.

Wright, Maxwell N.

7th Grade:

Al`Shahwani, Abdullah M.

Bass, Caroline A.

Beale, Wyatt S.

Bowling, Natalee A.

Brown, Evan A.

Canull, Sonya L.

Clark, Anabella E.

Coric, Kayle T.

Couch, Allison P.

Dunn, Lilly J.

Ebuen, Aven N.

Elsayed, Lara M.

Fender, Landon D.

Frewin, Chase J.

Gee, Madison B.

Gordon, Aaron W.

Hoppe, Dmitry J.

Ison, Chance G.

Jolley, Mia L.

Jones, Chloe P.

Lewis, Madalyn K.

Lindstrom, Cabyll A.

Livaudais, Holli C.

Lopez`Martinez, Emiliano

Macias, Briana S.

Mast, Sawyer A.

McFarland, Aspen B.

McMahon, Ella R.

Mendez`Pasco, Melanie

Molina, Tyrone R. III

Morgan, Molly E.

Musolff, Jaidyn A.

Nelson, Elijah A.

Ortiz, Dylan Y.

Overstreet, Trevor D.

Passeretti, Cadence E.

Peterson, Isabella G.

Plasters, Abigale G.

Quallis, Treydon D.

Reynolds, William H.

Rhodes, Nikolai W.

Rice, Leah N.

Richardson, Lillian M.

Sowers, Dylan A.

Stewart, Mickela N.

Swartz, Alexis M.

Tarr, Camden J.

Torres`Reyes, Jayden J.

Waters, Garrett F.

Wheeler, Annabella G.

White, Lyza T.

Woodson, Ashton G.

8th Grade:

Albright, Maleah C.

Avila, Victor E.

Barone, Lila E.

Bingeman, Owen M.

Bolling, Christian S.

Booan, Angelina

Call, Madison L.

Camp, Harrison P.

Chrisley, Rowan A.

Clifft, Samuel D.

Cobb, Evan A.

Cortorreal, Isabella X.

Croteau, Vincent A.

Diaz, Layla A.

Dixon, Jocelynn L.

Donahue, Landon Q.

Donald, Ella

Downey, Cohen T.

Doyle, Patrick T.

Dralle, Carter W.

Dudley, Kelsey N.

Eades, Riley V.

Farag, Kermina

Fitzgerald, Eli D.

Furcron, Tessa M.

Fuselier, Norah E.

Guilliams, Hailey D.

Hernandez`Sanchez, Sarah M.

Hostetler, Wesley R.

Howery, Cheyenne M.

Hutchinson, Gray E.

Jager, Olivia D.

Johnson, Luke O.

Jones, Lincoln M.

Kingery, Kaya E.

Kwaramba, Natalya R.

Loi, Kayleen L.

Lovern, Olivia D.

Lucas, Henry J.

Martin, Danielle L.

Martin, Kaiya F.

McLain, Aaden S.

Metz, Susannah R.

Mowles, Joshua J.

Newbern, Cason A.

Park, Steven P.

Popov, Mykhailo

Power, Jacob R.

Sekinger, Sophie M.

Smales, Jakobe E.

Stanley, Willow K.

Stevens, Jackson R.

Strom, Addison M.

Womeldorf, Noah E.

SOAR Card Recipients

Students can receive SOAR cards at HVMS by going above and beyond our school-wide expectations of being safe, organized, accountable, and respectful. Our entire matrix of school-wide expectations is posted to the right. We will be distributing SOAR cards to students and parents/guardians by email, and recipients will be entered into monthly drawings for prizes. The following students have received SOAR cards since our last newsletter:

6th Grade

Abdurrahman Alabbasi

Amelia Karolyi

Sawyer Marks


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Just-in-Time Tutoring

Just-in-time tutoring provides students in grades 6-12 with an immediate online live tutor 24 hours per day/7 days per week. If a student is struggling with independent work, they can get immediate help to get them “unstuck,” even if they are at home late at night.

In addition to covering multiple subjects, just-in-time tutoring provides online help via chat and voice. Tutor.com also provides paper proofreading (12-hour turnaround time) and industry-leading Princeton Review ACT/SAT prep courses and materials.


Just in Time Tutoring - Roanoke County Public Schools


Our PTSO is instrumental in providing support to our entire school community, and the success of the program depends on you! Dues are $5 per individual who is joining. 100% of our membership fees go directly to supporting our school community. If you have any questions about membership, please contact Meredith Burrow: mereburrow@yahoo.com

Please click below to learn more about our HVMS PTSO:


PTSO Paint Party Rescheduled

The HVMS PTSO Paint Party originally scheduled for Tuesday, April 18 has been rescheduled. Please see the updated flyer for more information. This event will now happen on Tuesday, May 16 at 6:00 p.m. at HVMS.

Eventbrite Link


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Technology Issues

Students should restart their computers daily. Restarting laptops daily helps ensure they remain up-to-date with the latest software. If a student is having any issue that is not resolved by restarting, please have your student let his or her teacher know, and they will contact our Computer Depot for support.


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DEA National Medication Takeback

Please see the flyer for more information regarding an opportunity to turn in your unused, unwanted, and/or expired medications for safe disposal.
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General Information

6th, 7th, and 8th grade students are allowed to compete on the middle school athletic teams. All participating students must have a current VHSL sports physical dated on or after May 1, 2022. No student will be permitted to participate in tryouts or practice without a completed VHSL physical form on file. Additionally, all students must have health insurance if they want to participate.

Athletic ticket prices: adult tickets will be $5, and student tickets are $2. These funds are used to help offset the cost for officials, transportation to away games, and team equipment.

Please visit the following page to access schedules: HVMS Athletics

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April 17-21

April 21: 4th 9 Weeks Midpoint

Looking Ahead

April 25: Spring Band Concert (6:30 p.m. @ HVHS)

April 26: Spring Choir Concert (6:30 p.m. @ HVHS)

May 9 - May 12: SOL Testing: Algebra, Geometry, Science 8, Civics, Math 6-8, Reading 6-8

May 12: 8th Grade Dance (7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. - more details to come!)

May 13: Mighty Minds Creative Showcase (1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.)

May 16: PTSO Paint Party (6:00 p.m.)

May 23: 3-hour Early Dismissal

May 24:

  • 8th Grade Awards (9:00 a.m. in the gymnasium)
  • 3-hour Early Dismissal

May 25:

  • 8th Grade Field Day
  • 3-hour Early Dismissal (last day of school)


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