Sub-Sahara Africa HIV/AID's

Where is Sub-Saharan Africa

The area south of the Sahara Desert
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What are HIV & AID's

H – Human- A virus that can only effect humans.

I – Immunodeficiency- Breakdown in a persons immune system.

V – Virus- A virus can only reproduce itself by taking over a cell in the body of its host.

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Facts about HIV & AID's in Sub Sahara Africa

  • 88% of the worlds children with HIV & Aid's live in Sub-sahara Africa.
  • 25 Million people with HIV & AID's live in Sub-Sahara Africa.
  • In 2011 1.8 million people with the new HIV & AID's infection
  • 69% of the people world wide live in Sub-Sahara Africa
  • 71% of the deaths of the virus were from Sub-Sahara Africa
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  • Only 5 of the 10 million people received treatment
  • Because of the disease life expectancy is at 54.4 years old.
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