GOAT FIT - Palm Harbor

Be YOUR Greatest Of All Time

It's finally here!!

Ok. Ok. You've twisted our arm. We are so freaking happy to have such a great following, we've added 2 classes in the peninsula. Clearwater 6:00am Mondays, and Palm Harbor 9:00am Saturdays. We could bore you with testimonials, but we know you just want the skinny on things. You can hear about how awesome our "GOAT's" are when you come to class.


Saturday, Dec. 13th, 9am

3725 Desoto Blvd

Palm Harbor, FL

Check it out. Home base for GOAT FIT Palm Harbor is Clubfit Personal Training 3795 Alt 19 N, Plam Harbor. We will meet at Wall Springs Park, but if we're rained out, we'll take it inside.

This class focuses on total body conditioning....strength, flexibility, and endurance. Similar to a bootcamp style class, our focus is on core conditioning, and mastering the basics with exercises that are superior in choice to maximize your results on all platforms. And it's fun.

More dates and locations will be posted on our facebook page: GOAT FIT

December Schedule And Fees

Dec 13th 9:00am - FREE $0

Dec 20th 9:00am - NADA $0

DEC 27th 9:00am - NUTHIN $0

Beginning January 1st, cost is $20. If you bring a friend, it's $20 for said friend and FREE for you. Yes, we're that cool. RSVP 727-534-6144