RollaDome Skate Clubs 2017

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2017 Rolling

Its been a good year, with lots and lots of skating time and now its time to get ready for 2017, Competitions, performances, days out, and lots of family skating.

Our members have really progressed, and developed in their skating ability, and developing a great club environment.

We not perfect, by we work together to bring change, develop and support our members, who in turn support us.

So heres to 2017, lets get you parents onto your skates, its really time for you to participate now. Come and show your children that you can do it too.

For those of you who have been away from us, its time to come back, and take your skating to the next level. Join the young leaders, get involved with DofE, and Sports Leaders Qualifications, to top your skating achievements.

Check out the clubs, there are some Some discounts in fees, for Parents, returnees, and Early bird bookings.

We look forward to seeing you all in2017.


If your a School based club, your School will share joining information with you directly