Excretory System

By: Georgia McFadden

Urinary System

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  • Kidneys-
  1. A pair of bean-shaped organs found along the posterior wall of the abdominal cavity
  • Ureters-
  1. A pair of tubes that carry urine fro the kidney to the urinary bladder
  • Urinary Bladder-
  1. A sac like hollow organ used for storage for urine
  • Urethra-
  1. The tube through that the urine passes from the bladder to the exterior of the body

Major Functions

  • Excretory System
  1. In a similar way of removing solid waste from your body, you must also get rid of fluids
  2. Urine is the result of the system balancing the amount of water and salt in your body

Problems Associated with System

  • Blood pressure
  1. If a kidney doesn't work or filter properly then your blood pressure can increase to dangerous levels
  • Urea
  1. Can happen in your tissue and would slowly poison the cell of your body
  • Dialysis
  1. If a kidney fails then this machine will act as a artificial kidney

Working with Other Systems

  • 2 major systems

  1. Circulatory System-
  • Blood that circulates through the body and passes through one of the two kidneys
  1. Endocrine System-
  • As levels of compounds and fluids are monitored, kidney functions must be constantly altered to provide the best internal environment for the cell