A dog like no other

What is the story about?

Marley is a fun, crazy, drooling dog who gets in trouble a lot with his family John, Jenny, Patrick, Colleen and Conor.

Who is the Author?

John Grogan

Who is the Publisher

Harper Collins Childrens Books

Who are the main characters

What Problems or Challenges do these charaters face?

John, Jenny and the kids have a challenge to face because Marley was very sick and had to be put down.

What is the climax of the story, when things get the most problematic or exciting?

He got older and got put down because he was very sick with his stomache.

Were there any shocks ,twists ,turns or suprises?

When Marley got put down and it was very heart breaking but he was very sick and John and Jenny loved him very much and couldn't forget him

Can you tell us what happened at the end?

As Marley got older and weaker (since he was sick) John and Jenny had to put him down and he passed away (his stomache twists)

What was your favourite part of this book?

It was when he tried to get on the movie and made a mess in the studio

Did you learn anything new from this story?

I learnt when you try to help your pet (when sick) you've got to let them go some time and when you miss them try to remember the times you had with them and love them for all your life you give them your heart they will give you theirs :)

Thank you for reading my book review

By Angelina Stevenson