Japan, Inventions, facts, and an I.D


Name: Japan

Language: Japanese

Currency: Yen

Religion: Shinto and Buddhism

Boreders: the Pacific ocean and the sea of Japan.

Population: 126,919,659 people

Food in Japan


The sushi was first invented in Japan, when the japanese wanted to store their rice.

The sushi is made of rice, seaweed, fish and vegetables.

The most common sauce for sushi is soy sauce.

Some people add to their sushi ginger and wasabi.

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Music in Japan


Karaoke is a japanese machine that plays a playback and the singer needs to sing the song, along with the lyrics.

The karaoke was first used in the 1960s and is very common in Japan.

The karaoke is used in Isreal too.


J-POP is the abbreviation of Japanese pop.

There are a lot of J-POP artists. Because of the big number of artists it was seperated from regular pop.

The J-POP artists usually wear weird clothes and hairstyles.

Anime: The animation in Japan

Hello kitty

Hello Kitty is a brand that was made in Japan.

Some people have big collections of it. (TONS OF ITEMS).

Hello Kitty started as a kids show, but after a few years adults started to like it too.

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Asako Kanda from Japan has 4519 items of Hello Kitty. It is the biggest collection in the world.


Pokemon is an anime show. It was created in Japan.

There are more than 700 pokemons.

The most popular pokemon is- you guessed it- Pikachu!

Dogs in Japan

There are more dogs than kids in Japan.

The Japanese are crazed about dogs. There are cafes for dogs, massages, toilets, wagons, and more.


We learned that the Japanese people are very weird. They got lots of Hello Kitty item and Cafes for dogs. They also invented the sushi.


I really liked the hello kitty collection.


I liked the fact that they got cafes for dogs.