Westfall Bridge Mural Unveiling

A project of the Martinez Street Women's Center

Dare To Be Powerful

Girl Zone Middle School participants collaborated with Jane Madrigal, other local artists, and community members to create the “Dare to Be Powerful” mural as a tribute to women in their struggle against violence of all kinds, and a reminder of the continued path towards justice and equality.

Drawing inspiration from their own personal experiences and guided research, the girls were able to share their stories, express their creativity, and mark the intersections between their experiences and those of women around the globe.

In its entirety, Dare to Be Powerful will stand at over 12ft high and 250 ft. long, completely covering the Westfall Bridge on the South East side of San Antonio.

Mural Unveiling

Saturday, March 1st, 10am

Westfall Avenue & Hackberry Street, San Antonio, TX, United States

This mural was made possible by collaboration with the City of San Antonio, Public Arts San Antonio (PASA), and the Denver Heights Neighborhood Association. Thank You!


10:00-11:00 Reception

11:00-11:30 Unveiling Ceremony

11:30 Acknowledgements

Martinez Street Women's Center

The Martinez Street Women’s Center transforms communities through women and girls by providing access to vital health services, quality education, and advocacy. We envision a world where women and girls achieve empowerment, equality, and justice.


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