Women's History

Table 4 - 3rd Period


Women of the U.S. have came from every where in the world. From Africa to Mexico women have made a great impact on the world today.

How have women’s lives changed over time?

Women’s lives have changed over time in a good and bad way. Women have been more accepted in workplaces, treated like strong, independent people. But most place and people treated them weaker than men. We have paved many paths and carved many routes for today. And they continue to do so.

.I would love to live in the 1990s mainly because of the music and movies.

.The first women date back all the way to the colonial era. Even before Jamestown, the first successful, permanent settlement that was founded in 1607.

.The first American- born female was Virginia Dare. She was born August 18, 1857 in Roanoke Colony, Virginia. Her parents were Eleanor Dare and Ananias Dare. Historians know this because her grandfather, John White, was governor of the land. By the time White returned from his journey to seek fresh supplies three years later, the entire colony including Virginia and her parents were gone.

1780-1790 (De'Onsha)

.The expectation for women was beauty in the 1780's. They were thought as fragile and weak and were not expected to work outside their home. They did not have any say in political issues so they could not even vote.

•There were not many jobs a woman could have at this time because of society’s view of strength and brains. Their main jobs were to stay at home and do household work and take care of the children.

•In the 1780's, fancy dresses were the primary outfit during this time. Underneath the dress, there were corsets and other things that enhance their figure. The corsets are so tight that women could barely breathe or walk.

Some famous women of the 1780's were outlaw Belle Starr, Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane.

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1810-1820 (Natalie)

In the 1820’s, there was something called “The Cult of True Womanhood.” This is a term or expression to describe the process of cultivating women to a certain stereotype. They were expected to be pretty, pure, and submissive. They wore long skirts, petticoats and crinolines. They also wore corsets, because the brassiere hadn’t been invented yet. Their outfits were never revealing, and it always to a long time to dress and undress from all the coverage. Though women had those high expectations, many lower class women worked as servants and factory workers. The Middle and upper class women could help in the family business, but not usually. While women in that era were allowed to learn to read and write, if it interfered with their housework then it was not allowed.

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1960-1970 (Dyani)

Women were becoming more independent. They were trying to get more jobs, and trying to earn money of their own and not depending on their husbands. Some men did not like women having this sense of in-dependency. They expected women to stay at home and cook, clean, and take care of the children. Women were expected to wear skirts and dresses, but with this new found independence women wanted to prove they were able to do anything men can. With this state of mind, women started wearing a lot more suits and even pants. Some of the occupations women started working were teachers, nurses, secretaries, typists, and bookkeepers. Some famous women in that time period were people like Twiggy and Jane Birkin who changed the fashion world, or actresses like Audrey Hepburn who became icons for their awesome work.

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1980-1990 (Tyria)

The fashion in the 1980’s are full of colorful and bright clothes, women started to wear men clothes but with their own twist. the clothes.music inspired.

Expectations in the 80’s for women where to remain feminist, around the end of the 1970’s women began to look for jobs. The women in 1960-1970 were supposed to stay home and care for the children and the men and it was highly frowned upon when women wanted to work.

A famous women in the 80’s that inspired a lot of fashion was Madonna. She was an american singer/ song writer. her crazy fashions inspired 35% of the fashion mostly because music inspired fashion. The impact that Madonna has on women these days is the thought of independence and she still makes wonderful music.

Occupations for women that lived in the 80’s where to stay home and take care of kids and family but if they had no kids the preferred occupation was to become a school teacher.

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1990-2000 (Ikiyah)

  • Expectations - women had to be thin so everybody wanted to lose weight so they can "fit in". also, it helped if they were tall because this was the rise of supermodels.
  • The traditional occupations for women in the 90's were becoming a secretary, clerk, a teacher and of course being a mother.
  • A famous group of women in the 90's was TLC, one effect on us that they have is their clothes, women started wearing baggy clothes and crop tops because of them. They were famous for their music.
  • Fashion - after the 80's they toned it down a little bit. The hairspray and the flashy jewelry wasn't the thing anymore. They wore baggy sweatshirts with some leggings. The look was a little more classier than the 80's.
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