Blames Others For Their problems...

Abusive Relationship

Blames Others For Their Problems

- I saw you with a different girl last night, who is she and why were you with her?

- It's none of your business, in fact yeah she is better than you and WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ASKING ME THESE QUESTIONS??

The words and acts can prove who you are.

Do You Know What To Do?

Know what to do?

You have to know if you have a perfect connection with your partner because after few days, months or even years with the person you love, you will be able to see the bad and hurtful side of the person you thought was nice to you.

Relationships can be hard. The abuser doesn't take responsibility for their problems, blaming others ( usually a victim ) for almost everything. For example " you made me mad " and there are a lot more harmful and hurtful things you can hear from the person you love.

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