Don't Mess with Poseidon

Or else....

It was a normal day at the beach: the sun was blazing, the sand is hot, people are having a blast, and are filling their starving stomachs with food. After they eat, what do they do with their trash? They throw it in the water instead of finding a trash can.

At the end of the day, when the beach is just about vacant, Poseidon, the god of water, notices something. He checks it out, and finds filthy, smelly trash in the water. It usually isn't like this, so he picks it up and throws it in the trash, thinking it was an accident

The next morning, beach parties have already begun. There were games being played, people were lying in the sun and relaxing in the shade, and almost everybody was eating. The next thing you know, all the sticky, slobbery, soaking wet wrappers and trash were hovering over the sea, again. This time, Poseidon was angry at people for turning his once sparkling-blue sea, to an in-water junkyard.

So the very next day, he had a plan. His plan was to get people to throw their trash away somewhere else. He walked across the beach, telling people with trash in their hand to put it in a trash can and to help keep the water clean. Unfortunately, only a few people listened to him and the majority of them kept tossing trash in the ocean.

Poseidon is now so furious he doesn't know what to do. He sits on that, and finally has an idea. His plan is to wipe out the people on the beach as a consequence for what they've done. The next day, the people on the beach noticed a ginormous wave in the distance. It kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger until it hit the beach and soaked the entire land like a sink overflowing with water. People tried to flee, others tried to swim under it, but there was no escaping what is now known as a tsunami. The word got around about what happened and people were now terrified it might happened to them if they also polluted the water.

After that tragedy, people have been thriving to keep the water trash-free. People finally learned that polluting the water can turn out bad for you and the environment on top of facing the consequences for it.

Legend has it that if people continue to pollute Poseidon’s water, he will still make you suffer the consequences by sending a tsunami down your alley